Wiccan Wonderland

Tune: Winter Wonderland

Tarot cards, are you listening?
Crystal balls, are you glistening?
The quarters are charged, we're wizards at large,
We're walking in a Wiccan Wonderland.

In the meadow we will cast a circle
And pretend that it's a geosphere.
We'll have lots of fun upon the altar
Until an evil spirit chances near.

Later on we'll perspire
And get drunk by the fire.
We'll dance without clothes 'cause nobody knows
We're walking in a Wiccan Wonderland

All you Pagans come on gather round us.
Raise your chalice and join in our cheer.
We'll have lots of cakes until the Sun comes,
And chase it with another keg of beer.

After all is said and done,
Bye to Spirits that have come.
Please stay if you will or go if you must,
We're walking in a Wiccan Wonderland.

by Stephanie Barclay, Storm Bear & Jimmy Williams

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