Wiccan Laws

THE LAW WAS MADE AND ARDANE about a week from last Wednesday.

THE LAW WAS MADE FOR THE WICCCA in order that they should develop a nice longhand style from copying it.

The Wiccca should give due worship to the Gozd, presuming they believe the Gozd exist and aren't just metaphors; and obey Their Will, which the HPS of the Coven will make up as she goes along, for it was made for the purpose of ego-tripping and wild parties. The worship of the Wiccca is good for the owners of Occult Supply Stores, for the owners of Occult Supply Stores love the money of the Wiccca.

As a man loveth a woman using the missionary position, so the Wiccca should shaft their fellows and other total strangers frequently. And it is necessary that the Magick Circle which is the principal difference between a Wicccan rite and a frat party be cast and all Wiccca properly purified to enter it so they can drink five gallons of Ripple each and not throw up.

The HPS shall ruin rule her Coven as the local representative of the Goddess, and choose whomever she is sleeping with this week to be her HP ... or her Maiden.

And remember that the Wiccca would have it that The God Himself kissed her feet and gave up the position of Ringmaster to her because of her arbitrariness and autocracy, her spite and un- reason, her mysteriousness and ignorance: so the HP is expected to go as far away as possible and not even show up for Sabbats.

It is the greatest virtue of an HPS that she turn as many of her Covenors into closet Xtians as possible, for the true HPS realizes that anyone with the sense Goddess gave a goose is not going to stick around without having a death wish.

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