Grim Reaper

Uncool Ways To Die

  1. Killed in a zombie invasion, by your neighbor, who eats your brains.

  2. Of starvation, alone on a tropical island, after everyone else has been voted off it.

  3. On live TV, as a result of a botched Extreme Makeover

  4. Burned by jumping into, not over, a drum circle fire while drunk.

  5. Shortly after opening an e-mail message reading, "Congratulations, brother! You are the new leader of Hamas!"

  6. Crushed during a stampede of prepubescent fans at a Britney Spears concert.

  7. Going gentle into that good night.

  8. Fatal allergic reaction to your Klingon latex body paint during your presentation at the con.

  9. Prolonged tumesence.

  10. Choking on a pretzel -- but hey, what are the odds of *that*?

  11. Drowned in the swimming pool of a cruise ship

  12. Choked on poisoned food

  13. Having a stroke while sitting on a toilet.

  14. Electrocuted while experimenting with jumper cables as nipple clamps.

  15. Picked up deadly sexually transmitted disease after fornicating with livestock.

  16. Unemployed, undernourished, naked, and in the middle of typing a new entry to this list.

It's a Living!

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