The Triple Return Investment Guild

Dear Friend:

Allow me to introduce myself. I am John Cooper, president of The Triple Return Investment (TRI) Guild, and I am writing to show you an amazing investment opportunity which is about to sweep the nation. I assure you that this is not a chain letter. I am repulsed by such things. You are not required to send this letter to anyone, and I am not in any way asking you to send money to me. In fact, you may have already received money from me! The only reason I am sending you this letter is because I want you to be rich! Now please, read on.

What is TRI? TRI is an investment tool, nothing more. Anyone using TRI’s simple step by step methods combined with some small amount of money and a little know-how can eventually become very, very rich. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, believe it, because that’s the first step to TRI’s success. If you believe TRI will work, and you follow its extremely simple directions, you will become a millionaire. The Triple Return Investment plan is not a pyramid scheme, nor is it another form of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Those forms of investment are based solely on greed, and fail under simple mathematical principals. I also assure you that TRI is not, I repeat NOT a cult of any kind. The members of my guild practice their own beliefs, and are not influenced spiritually by TRI’s success. TRI is completely legal, and some consider it to be charitable. I am confident that if you try TRI for a month you will be amazed at the results.

How does TRI work?TRI does not rely on current trends in the economic states of any market. That is because TRI’s principles are much more ancient than the stock markets, mutual funds, or even the concept of money itself! TRI uses ancient powers, powers that have even directed the courses and primal philosophies of good and evil. These ancient powers, combined with a pinch of belief from your side make TRI work for you. TRI will not ever harm you or anyone close to you; in fact if used correctly it will bestow blessings in abundance. Begin investing now!

How do I start an investment? Tracking down sources and starting your investment is accomplished in three easy steps. Please bear with me, and try to open your mind to new ideas.

Here is step number one: Find a witch. OK, after you finish snickering or laughing or rolling on the floor, let me explain how abundant witches are. Modern Witchcraft, or Wicca, is currently practiced by over one million people in the United States alone, and that is a very conservative estimate. It is highly likely that you have a friend or coworker who is – unbeknownst to you – a witch. Chances are somewhat good that you have an acquaintance who you know is a witch; and for all I know you could be a witch yourself, in which case finding another won’t be that much of a problem. So, open your eyes and go looking for witches. After you find your witch, make darn sure that he/she is a real practitioner of Wicca, or the TRI may not work.

Step number two: Give the witch twenty dollars. It’s that simple. Don’t disguise the money in a birthday card, or give it as a gift that celebrates anything. If you need to explain yourself, attach the twenty dollars to this letter.

Step number three: Let TRI work for you. According to most Wiccan beliefs, "The Rule of Three" states that whatever you send out to others, be it material or emotional or spiritual, will eventually return to you threefold. Your money, therefore, will return to you (or someone you love), with an additional increase of 200%! This is the heart of TRI, and this is a deal you cannot pass up. Once your sixty dollars has returned to you, you will be ready to use some or all of it to invest in that same witch, or split it between other witches you may have found. It is important to realize, however, that the return on your investment will not necessarily come from the witches you give money to. The person who receives your twenty dollars is not under any obligation whatsoever. So keep your eyes open, your patience intact, your faith alive, and watch the money roll in.

That’s all there is to it. In truth, if you believe The Rule of Three well enough, you may invest in anyone. But a witch carries some of that belief power that you’re looking for, so my advice is to invest in witches while you’re still a little unsure of yourself. And never give the gift as part of another sentiment (anniversary, retirement, Christmas, etc.) because then it will just count as a gift for the occasion. Always think of it as an investment. Remember: exploiting The Rule of Three loophole is your key to financial success! Triple Return Investment does not make any mistakes! You put your money into the system, and bam!—a return on your investment which is nothing short of miraculous.

Here’s one of the best parts about TRI—everyone involved ends up richer! Think of your first investment: the witch gets twenty dollars, and a week later (sometimes that very day) you get sixty! It will come from an unexpected (sometimes multiple) source—perhaps you will be cleaning your room, and under the bed will be a crisp twenty. Then, a few days later, you’ll win the football pool at your work; another fifty! (Nobody said you wouldn’t get more!) TRI doesn’t care how you get your return on your investment, it will just happen. As you get richer and invest more, be prepared to be surprised! Maybe you’ll win the lottery, maybe you’ll find a bag of money outside your door, or a stock you bought and forgot about might skyrocket. The possibilities are endless, and The Rule of Three encompasses everything!

Here’s how my first investment paid off: I sent my twenty to a witch through the mail. The following week I had to go on a business trip to California that would last 17 days. For each of fifteen of those days I expected to be given a per-diem allowance of 38 dollars, which was what I had been allotted every time I traveled for the last several years. The day before I left for California I was told that the per-diem had increased to 42 dollars. That’s a four dollar-per-day increase over 15 days—exactly 60 dollars! Food costs had not gone up that much in California, so I could pocket the extra dough. That convinced me to continue with TRI, and I’m glad I did.

If you are a witch who is using the TRI program, you may want to research spells to direct the awesome power of The Rule of Three. I have heard that this tactic accelerates the return on your initial investment. You may be surprised to hear that I am not a witch. It’s true, I’m not here to take any of your money, and I don’t know much about Wicca at all. But to aid my investments I often write the words "Rule of Three" on my bills before investing them. I put the twenty dollar bills in envelopes and add in some cinquefoil, malachite, or vervain (simple herbs and minerals which you can purchase in almost any herb shop). I heard from some of my new witch friends that these might help. All I know is they can’t hurt, and I’m telling you now—I am becoming a very rich person. Life is good when you can relax and let other people’s powers work for you!

All I’m asking is that right now, this very day, you send twenty bucks to a witch—you will be absolutely amazed when sixty comes back! So, to those of you who would like to participate in this extraordinary offer, I wish you happy witch hunting, the best of returns.

Blessed Be,
John W. Cooper
President, The TRI Guild

PS – Please feel free to copy this letter and show it to anyone who might be interested. Thank you.

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