Three Gurus

Three gurus lived in a cave high up on the side a mountain. There they sat, thought and contemplated all day, everyday. One morning, they spied a knight on horse riding far off in the distance. They watched as the knight rode gallantly on his horse across the countryside, until he disappeared over the horizon several hours later.

The three gurus sat, thought, and contemplated. About 10 years go by, and one of them suddenly says: "You know, that was a really beautiful white horse that went by."

They reflected on this statement. They sat, thought and contemplated. Another 10 years go by, and one of the other two gurus suddenly says: "It wasn't a white horse. It was a black horse."

Again they reflected on these words. They sat, thought and contemplated. Finally another 10 years go by, and the third guru pipes and says: "Listen, if you two don't stop this arguing, I'm gonna go find myself a new cave!"

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