The Candles Are Blowing Out Again

Words: Bill Beattie
Music: Blowing in the Wind by Bob Dylan

How many robes can a Witch ignite
While dancing too close to the flame?
How many words from the Grimm Brothers' tales
Can you really expect to "reclaim"?
And how many chants fall as flat as a tack
When you mispronounce each Sacred Name?

   The candles, my friend, are blowin' out again.
   The candles are blowin' out again.

How many times can the incense go wild
And firemen break down your door?
How many times can athames get dropped
And spear peoples' feet to the floor?
Yes, and how many times can you brandish your wand
And whack the HP on the jaw?


How many years can you do the same rite
And still get the words mostly wrong?
And how many spells of "Hereditary Craft"
Quote verses from Erica Jong?
And how many times can your Sabbat Great Rite
Last less than a half minute long?


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