Symbolic Great Rite Blessings

HP The Male holds the power and is the reservoir of power.
HPS The Female taps the power in him and challenges it.
Either one can work without the other.
Neither without the other is incomplete.


HP The God is of the chase and of horniness.
HPS The Goddess is fickle and chased.
To learn, you must have fun.
To love, you must consent.
To be born, your parents have to ...
The ferris wheel turns through the dark and the light,
If you feel like a squirrel, you're doing it right.


HP The clouds bring forth rain.
HPS Earth turns it into mud.
HP The fire of lust consumes man's wood.
HPS Woman's wind blows it out when she can.
As big a mess as this could help but be fun.
Let's all enjoy it cuz together we're one.


HP The male holds the tower and is the erector of the tower.
HPS The Female taps the tower and drains it.
Either one can work without the other;
One without the other
Is quieter
And doesn't involve dinner and a movie.


HP The Horny One is a passing lust,
And a quick role in the hay.
HPS The Wench asks for all you can give,
And says it isn't enough.
To excite, you must offer;
To offer, you must have something of value;
To have something of value,
You must protect it,
Over and over and over,
Until you give it away
In some cheap, tawdry affair.


HP The Man brings forth sperm.
HPS The Woman regurgitates it in disgust.
HP When in love,
HPS Never blow.
HP As the penis is to the Male,
HPS So the womb is to the Female,
And together joined,
They make a sticky mess;
For there is no greater stain in all the world
Than that of two people's cum
Embedded in fine white linen.

-- Divine Madwoman

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