Signs That You’re At A Bad Rennaisance Faire

  1. The castle and village are made entirely of Legos.

  2. Turkey leg bears striking resemblance to Cocker Spaniel leg.

  3. Festival activities include "Ye Olde Wet T-Shirt Contest."

  4. Ye Old Glassblower makes nothing but crack pipes.

  5. The meade is served in a coconut shell with a Fizzy straw.

  6. Everyone seems to have attended the Kevin Costner School of British Accents.

  7. Mosh pit follows the wandering minstrels.

  8. You get charged 5 bucks to take a leak behind Ye Olde Hedge.

  9. Guillotine exhibit closed due to pending litigation.

  10. Friar Tuck's pager keeps going off.

  11. "Tarry, wench, I prithee! Wouldst thou Macarena?"

  12. Merlin the Magician's only trick is "Got your nose!"

  13. Jousting Crips & Bloods

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