Signs That Your Child Might Be a Witch

  1. Your child asks to use the broom to cleanse, I mean clean, their room.

  2. There is always a steak knife missing.

  3. Your smallest pan keeps disappearing and reappearing, and always smells like ashes and potpourri.

  4. All your candle holders are missing.

  5. They now enjoy going to the fabric store with you and they want thread, ribbon and cloth of every color of the rainbow.

  6. Their Christmas and Birthday wish lists consist of: a white or black full length bathrobe, blank journal books, window box herb gardens and a box of candles in assorted colors.

  7. You just figured out that every full or new moon your child asks to have 3 friends spend the night; and strangely they are very quiet all night.

  8. Your child now says "Merry Meet Again" every morning to you and whenever they leave they say "Merry Part".

  9. Your recipe cards are disappearing and when you do find them you can't make since of the recipe since it doesn't require any actual cooking.

  10. Your child has a new ID bracelet that reads something like "RavenMoon" "StarWolf" or "SunDragon"

  11. Your child asks you one day for a compass, four pails of paint; blue, green, red, and yellow, so that they can paint their room correctly.

  12. They insist that their first car be the color brown and have a license plate that says BROOM.

  13. Their pillows are now filled with all your potpourri.

  14. You ask your child to rake up the autumn leaves in the yard, and they come back with a small stick and a large stick; which you later find to have shiny objects on them and unidentifiable etchings.

  15. Once a jar gets emptied in your house it ends up in your child's room filled with various objects like pins, needles, hair, honey, paper, and soil

  16. Your child buys trinkets like silver cups, small tablecloths, statues of mythological figures, and the like, and it seems to go missing, as if it was hidden somewhere.

  17. You look in the attic, their closet, or some other concealed place and find all of that stuff they bought is arranged neatly on a small table.

  18. They made you a doll that looks eerily like you, and every time it falls off the table, you take a sudden tumble yourself.

  19. A stone circle in the sandbox.

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