Signs That You May Be A Bubba Wiccan

You might be practicing Bubba Wicca if ...

  1. You are out in the woods and the Horned God appears to you and it takes you more than 30 seconds to put down your deer rifle.

  2. You've ever duct-taped an outhouse and called it a sweat lodge.

  3. You run out of candles and then get the emergency flares out of your trunk.

  4. Your altar is made from the hood of an old Chevy pick-up.

  5. You begin your Circle by calling for quarters to be placed in the beer fund jar.

  6. You enter a skyclad circle with the words, In Perfect Love and Perfect Lust.

  7. You close a circle with the words "Hot damn, let's party!"

  8. You get most of your spiritual wisdom about the cycles of nature from Bill Dance bass fishing shows.

  9. You watch NASCAR for its karmic revelation.

  10. Your ritual robes are made of weatherproof camouflage.

  11. Your revel fire causes the smokejumpers to fly in.

  12. The only herb you use has to be planted in the middle of nowhere.

  13. You think "The Reclaiming Collective" is a great name for a used automobile parts business.

  14. Before you can use your ritual cauldron, you have to wash out the bones from your fish stew.

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