Safe Witch Kit

Want to be a Witch, yet don't want dangerous items in your home? We've assembled this comprehensive kit  to meet the beginning Witch's needs, without  compromising safety.


  • 1 Rubber Athame. Painted black handle, silver blade.  Very flexible. You can swing this about in Circle  with no fears about hurting anyone!

  • Exclusive! The incredible Collapse-a-Wand!  Hand-wrought of authentic wood-grained expanded  foam, with a special adhesive patch for attaching  the Power Stone of your choice (see below).

  • 2 Battery-operated Candles (1 black, 1 white). No  more concerns about flowing gowns catching fire.

  • 1 package Glade Stick-ems. Fresh, floral scent,  without the concerns of burning incense. No messy  ash to clean up!

  • 1 shaker Mrs. Dash. Get all the flavor and zip of  salt, without the sodium!

  • 1 Quality Fold-a-Cauldron. Easy-to-assemble, genuine  simulated cast iron corrugated material. Complete  instructions.

  • 1 Fabric Rainbow Disk. No sharp corners to be  concerned about. The perfect centerpiece for your  own Altar. No worries of offending anyone, as could  happen with those misunderstood pentagrams.

  • 3 Assorted colors soft vinyl "Power Stones." Focus  the energy of crystals. Perfect for attaching to  your Collapse-a-Wand!(Choking hazard. Not  recommended for children under 3 years of age)

  • 1 Booklet, "How to Be One with the White Light,  Because There Is No Dark Side, Luke" subtitled: "The  Absolutely, Completely Comprehensive Guide to  Everything Possible that a Witch Needs to Know to  cast Any Spell at All"

  • BONUS! Order now, and we'll send you our exclusive  Fill In The Blanks Book of Light! All the spells  you'll ever need, and YOU fill in the names and  dates! Quality softcover binding.

 All packaged attractively in a lovely carry-case,  which unfolds to become your altar cloth.

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