Rude Things To Do On Airplanes

Below are some disturbingly rude things to do on airplanes. If you contribute to this list, consider your own real-life experiences.

  1. Entertain your 2 year old child with Barney show videos on a portable DVD player. Make sure the sound is turned up.

  2. Put your 5 year old attention-seeking brat in the middle seat of the row ahead of you, between two strangers.

  3. Wear a hat with and extra-wide brim, like a souvenir sombrero. Extra credit if you're drunk.

  4. Change your baby's diaper while sitting in your seat. Roll the dirty diaper up and place under you seat, next to the carry-on luggage of the person behind you. Added rudeness points depending on how the diaper is soiled and if a stranger is sitting next to you.

  5. Lean over to the person beside you when it's totally quiet (except for the plane noise, of course) and ask, "Is that your beeper?"

  6. Yell at your kid "You're going to get a spanking!" and make sure everybody can hear!

Smoking on Airplanes

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