Ritual Evaluation Form

Herewith, a modest effort to further the cause of quality control in ritual...

Different rituals have different purposes. A good ritual may get a high rating in just one or two categories, the others not being relevant. Please rate the ritual on a scale of zero (nothing) to five (ecstatic).

Prettiness Consider appearance, sound, smell.
Visceral thrill Fire and dancing are two sources of this.
Erotic charge How erotically sensual was the ritual?
Divine presence How much could you feel the presence of some deity or the divine in some form?
Connection with community How much did the ritual connect you with other participants?
Connection with place How much did the ritual connect you with the landscape immediately around you?
Connection with time How much did the ritual connect you with the season, the phase of the moon, or time of day
Connection with culture How much did the ritual connect you with your culture?
Personal growth How much did the ritual improve you?

Please describe any problems you had with the ritual.

Physical discomfort Were you bothered by weather, incense, having to stand for too long, or somesuch?
Distraction Was there anything happening that made participation difficult?
Inaccuracy Was there anything you thought was inaccurate, such as the wrong things attributed to particular gods, or quarters called in the wrong directions?
Incompletion Did you feel that anything was left inappropriately unresolved?
Incoherence Did you have trouble making sense of what was going on?
Personal detachment Did you feel like you weren't involved?
Coercion Did you feel obliged to do anything you didn't want to do, or regretted later?
Cultural dysphoria Did you have trouble relating to the cultural sources of the ritual?
Other Comments:


Thank you for your time. Your input will help the ritual team improve future ritual production.

-- Lord Summerisle

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