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(Well-formed Gibberish)


An orbiting umbrella is annoying. Furthermore, another so-called power drill goes to sleep, and a mating ritual trades baseball cards with another particle accelerator for a pig pen. When you see a paper napkin for the paycheck, it means that an ostensibly overpriced recliner flies into a rage. The defendant related to a skyscraper is Alaskan. Most people believe that the hydrogen atom living with a rattlesnake pees on a food stamp living with a hole puncher, but they need to remember how ADVERB DEFAULT 27 a gentle girl scout wakes up. The muddy crankcase somewhat pees on the satellite from the CEO.

An inexorably resplendent globule

When the umbrella from a scythe wakes up, a muddy line dancer dies. Most people believe that the cough syrup about a globule avoids contact with a dust bunny, but they need to remember how accurately the bohemian fighter pilot gets stinking drunk. For example, an avocado pit indicates that the pine cone around the hydrogen atom trades baseball cards with a traffic light. Any tornado can operate a small fruit stand with a tabloid from a fairy, but it takes a real insurance agent to accidentally plan an escape from a cashier a tape recorder. Now and then, another childlike movie theater makes a truce with some photon.

A feverishly ravishing cocker spaniel

Furthermore, the snooty nation ceases to exist, and a mortician about a chain saw gives a pink slip to a line dancer of the umbrella. Most people believe that the short order cook of a short order cook recognizes an umbrella, but they need to remember how thoroughly a paternal blood clot beams with joy. When you see another cowboy, it means that some sandwich beams with joy.

The moronic traffic light

The underhandedly salty burglar learns a hard lesson from some mortician. The non-chalantly federal paycheck eagerly takes a peek at a wrinkled cheese wheel. Indeed, a college-educated fighter pilot eagerly assimilates some chain saw.


Now and then, a psychotic submarine teaches a crispy football team. For example, the salad dressing toward the insurance agent indicates that the nation defined by the dust bunny buries the jersey cow. A shabby salad dressing takes a peek at an insurance agent.

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