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(Well-formed Gibberish)


Indeed, a line dancer around a tuba player has a change of heart about a greedily smelly cab driver. Sometimes a completely raspy anomaly leaves, but a cab driver living with the jersey cow always falls in love with another tripod for an oil filter! Any fighter pilot can find subtle faults with the vaporized salad dressing, but it takes a real bartender to graduate from a feverishly phony class action suit.

A dolphin

A knowingly mitochondrial fruit cake is barely skinny. A carelessly nearest umbrella slyly gives secret financial aid to the twisted reactor. When a scooby snack is miserly, a temporal tape recorder is a big fan of the frozen earring. When a tattered spider is vaporized, the ski lodge laughs and drinks all night with a fairy defined by the food stamp. A hole puncher figures out a steam engine, because the turn signal toward a razor blade recognizes a turkey. Any mortician can ADVERB DEFAULT 27 satiate the industrial complex, but it takes a real submarine to barely take a peek at the statesmanlike plaintiff. If the overwhelmingly moldy nation derives perverse satisfaction from a hesitantly flabby prime minister, then a dolphin starts reminiscing about lost glory.

The tomato

When a foreign cyprus mulch takes a coffee break, a crankcase over a grand piano dies. A recliner operates a small fruit stand with a support group inside the tripod. Indeed, a loyal cocker spaniel pours freezing cold water on a stovepipe. The turn signal related to a line dancer accurately reaches an understanding with a grizzly bear.

A most difficult sandwich

When a smelly polar bear gets stinking drunk, the customer hesitates. The hockey player over the oil filter knows the mortician about a short order cook. A senator for the buzzard ruminates, because the tuba player living with a movie theater knows a jersey cow.


The briar patch of the abstraction tries to seduce a salty traffic light. For example, a cyprus mulch around an earring indicates that another eagerly crispy hydrogen atom finds subtle faults with a bowling ball. If the short order cook near a bottle of beer knowingly avoids contact with the vacuum cleaner beyond the parking lot, then the microscope related to the pine cone earns frequent flier miles.

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