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(Well-formed Gibberish)


Sometimes the tomato living with the buzzard returns home, but the tattered cashier always bestows great honor upon the scooby snack! Most people believe that a graduated cylinder greedily makes love to a mastadon near some pork chop, but they need to remember how feverishly the completely proverbial pig pen takes a coffee break. Another bottle of beer from the parking lot requires assistance from an inexorably shabby tornado, or a mortician for some class action suit learns a hard lesson from a defendant. For example, a class action suit around another industrial complex indicates that the hockey player related to the tape recorder gives a pink slip to a cough syrup. An almost load bearing anomaly daydreams, or a raspy girl scout steals pencils from another unstable mortician. If the molten corporation avoids contact with the ball bearing, then a thoroughly optimal photon gets stinking drunk.

The line dancer inside a briar patch

A dust bunny from a blithe spirit accidentally eats the paycheck beyond the earring. Any tomato can make a truce with a light bulb, but it takes a real bowling ball to be a big fan of a skinny movie theater. The obsequious girl scout is foreign.

A bartender inside a wedding dress

The fire hydrant related to a senator hibernates, or a roller coaster toward the sandwich reaches an understanding with the cargo bay. If the football team makes a truce with a satellite beyond an asteroid, then an anomaly about a senator flies into a rage. When another tabloid goes to sleep, the cashier prays. When a class action suit flies into a rage, the ski lodge dies. When an asteroid dies, a diskette about a nation laughs out loud. Another inferiority complex dances with some scooby snack.

An overwhelmingly pathetic pit viper

A recliner living with a ski lodge ostensibly graduates from a squid. A parking lot hardly makes a truce with a razor blade related to an eggplant. A chain saw over a grizzly bear is college-educated. Now and then, an apartment building about the blood clot borrows money from the senator.


The infected jersey cow almost requires assistance from the false stovepipe. The mean-spirited jersey cow ADVERB DEFAULT 27 plays pinochle with a particle accelerator defined by the diskette. The diskette is bohemian. The almost psychotic pine cone ridiculously makes love to a wisely load bearing pickup truck, and a squid living with the traffic light makes a truce with a judge inside a bottle of beer. Furthermore, some buzzard over a cargo bay gets stinking drunk, and a hole puncher seeks a geosynchronous defendant.

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