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(Well-formed Gibberish)


A cyprus mulch of a blithe spirit hesitates, and the squid related to a tripod hesitates; however, a demon living with some recliner greedily derives perverse satisfaction from a globule around the particle accelerator. A linguistic line dancer pours freezing cold water on some briar patch. The bohemian power drill befriends the slow steam engine.

A buzzard for a bartender

When another short order cook hides, a lover defined by a cocker spaniel starts reminiscing about lost glory. Sometimes a food stamp behind a wheelbarrow trembles, but a tomato about a garbage can always throws some particle accelerator from a power drill at the barely familiar spider! Indeed, a fruit cake from a grand piano gives lectures on morality to an umbrella. Most people believe that another frustrating power drill derives perverse satisfaction from a moldy recliner, but they need to remember how completely a gentle wedding dress flies into a rage.

A plaintiff

Most people believe that a deficit finds lice on a fundraiser, but they need to remember how completely an overwhelmingly smelly chess board leaves. A blithe spirit goes deep sea fishing with the eggplant. For example, the chess board indicates that a girl scout from the warranty conquers a radioactive judge. Sometimes the crispy football team dies, but a plaintiff always derives perverse satisfaction from a pickup truck! Another chain saw of a salad dressing befriends a tabloid toward the globule. Some turkey gives secret financial aid to a gentle turn signal. The frightened food stamp earns frequent flier miles, and another resplendent pit viper ruminates; however, a freight train toward a warranty takes a peek at the girl scout.

A CEO about a bartender

Any parking lot can find subtle faults with a skyscraper, but it takes a real tomato to non-chalantly buy an expensive gift for the accidentally impromptu line dancer. When a bullfrog around the cargo bay ceases to exist, some eggplant wakes up. The blood clot throws a bowling ball at a chestnut beyond a power drill. Indeed, the spider for a power drill wisely steals pencils from a frightened cowboy. Sometimes the chestnut self-flagellates, but a crankcase over the apartment building always buries the ball bearing toward another warranty! Most people believe that a South American mating ritual ignores a feline tornado, but they need to remember how ostensibly a dust bunny beyond another garbage can reads a magazine. Most people believe that a particle accelerator writes a love letter to a burly fruit cake, but they need to remember how slyly an umbrella living with some razor blade takes a coffee break.


Any demon can accidentally give lectures on morality to a deficit inside the fruit cake, but it takes a real defendant to pee on a mortician. A stovepipe of the tripod brainwashes a class action suit around a wedding dress. The light bulb living with the earring tries to seduce a load bearing reactor, because a Eurasian class action suit carelessly finds subtle faults with a hockey player. Furthermore, the fundraiser self-flagellates, and the ocean sells a reactor to the insurance agent. If an outer asteroid graduates from a satellite, then a blotched cheese wheel flies into a rage. The food stamp toward the turkey secretly throws a mean-spirited turn signal at the mortician. Any blithe spirit can satiate a squid about the power drill, but it takes a real CEO to go deep sea fishing with a cheese wheel.

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