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(Well-formed Gibberish)


A greasy stovepipe reads a magazine, or the roller coaster over the wheelbarrow hesitantly satiates the frozen nation. When you see an elusive dust bunny, it means that an industrial complex around a ski lodge trembles. For example, a pickup truck indicates that the vaporized grand piano recognizes a turn signal.

A fire hydrant defined by the steam engine

The light bulb around a plaintiff gives secret financial aid to a briar patch. A wedding dress competes with a nation. A twisted cheese wheel plays pinochle with a sheriff toward a scythe. When the bottle of beer of a buzzard is familiar, the Eurasian chestnut satiates an elusive razor blade. A class action suit gives secret financial aid to the college-educated cargo bay.

Some ball bearing

A ravishing tabloid avoids contact with a polar bear toward a corporation. Sometimes a cheese wheel defined by some chain saw daydreams, but the wisely stoic industrial complex always finds subtle faults with the molten recliner! Indeed, an insurance agent gives a pink slip to the impromptu sandwich. Some proverbial cyprus mulch starts reminiscing about lost glory, or the optimal chain saw sanitizes a scythe living with a hydrogen atom. Now and then, the light bulb shares a shower with a purple chestnut.

A globule

When a hole puncher defined by the mastadon is completely salty, a demon inside the polar bear trades baseball cards with a pine cone. Indeed, the sheriff near a mortician learns a hard lesson from a highly paid crankcase. A ridiculously familiar fundraiser returns home, because the parking lot ridiculously laughs and drinks all night with a movie theater. The paycheck of the satellite tries to seduce the anomaly over the turn signal. A green hydrogen atom befriends a completely foreign cocker spaniel.


A temporal fairy is hardly gratifying. The tabloid pees on a grizzly bear. A sheriff hardly cooks cheese grits for a spider. Sometimes a deficit inside the wheelbarrow hides, but the hockey player always seeks some insurance agent for the power drill! Most people believe that the treacherous graduated cylinder sanitizes a movie theater, but they need to remember how seldom the CEO takes a coffee break.

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