A minister is driving to town and sees his neighbor's kid in the front yard looking in a box. He stops and says, "Hey Billy, what're you looking at?"

Billy says "Puppies!"

"Oh," says the minister, "what kind of puppies?"

"Christian puppies!" says Billy.

"Ahhhhh," says the minister and drives away with a warm feeling in his heart.

The next day the minister drives by again and sees Billy looking in the box again. "Hey Billy" says he, "how are those Christian puppies doing?"

"Real good!" says Billy, with a grin. The minister drives off feeling real good himself.

The next week, the minister is driving by with the bishop and sees Billy staring in the box again. He pulls over and tells the bishop that he'll love this, then asks Billy "Hey Billy, how are those puppies doing?"

"Great!" says Billy and the minister says

"Tell the archbishop what kind of puppies they are."

Billy looks at the bishop and says: "Druidic Puppies!"

The bishop sputters and the minister says, "But, last week you told me they were Christian puppies!"

"Yeah," says Billy, "but now their eyes are open."

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