No More, No More Cthulhu, Brave Boys

To the tune of Greenland Fisheries
By ottercat

In nineteen hundred and ninety three
By the light of a darkened moon
I found myself with a Cthulhu Cult
And I didn't have a clue, brave boys
I didn't have a clue

They called upon the unspeak'ble one
They named him three times three
And then by and by the altar I spied
A doorway etched in fire, brave boys
A doorway etched in fire

Within the door we all could see
The face of Nyarlothtep
It's a Gate, It's a gate, the cultists cried
And pushed me right inside, brave boys
They pushed me right inside

Now the outer world is a barren place
In the void between the stars
I wandered here beyond time and space
Searching to go home, brave boys
Searching to go home

My footsteps took me by Yog-Sothoth
And all her thousand young
Then in the centre of the universe
I did meet Azathoth, brave boys
I did meet Azathoth

By Unknown Kadeth did I pass
The world was all in a dream
And then to avoid a ghoulish feast
I must admit I ran, brave boys
I must admit I ran

Upon the wing of nightgaunt fly
He brought me back towards home
In sleeping R'lyeh a door I spied
And this did bring me home, brave boys
And this did bring me home

Deep underwater the city lies
Asleep for all of time
I crept past the sleeping bulk
I walked by Cthulhu's side, brave boys
I walked by Cthulhu's side

A full five hundred of Dagon's spawn
Did seek to keep me there
But I did swim far to quickly
And then I reached the air, brave boys
And then I reached the air

I now reside in Massachusets
Have a chair at Miscatonic U
All this and more for telling my tale
Of all that went before, brave boys
Of all that went before

Now you might think this to be a fib
A tale that's taller than it's wide
But if you choose to mock my most wise words
Just wait 'til Cthulhu wakes, brave boys
Just wait 'til Cthulhu wakes

Some would say that Cthulhu and his ilk are myth,
some would say they are not.
Me, well, I shan't say.
Just be *real careful* singing this one.

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