New Age Barbies

On page 487 of the JCPenney's Christmas Catalog, there is, in LIVING color, a Grecian Goddess Barbie Doll; retail price $60. We now have representations of The Goddess -- anatomically incorrect, of course -- courtesy of Mattel.

Which got me to thinking, why should Mattel stop there? Why not go on and manufacture a whole line of Pagan/New Age barbie dolls? What better way to get the masses to accept what we do than to appeal to the little ones of the world?

So here's a proposed line of New Age Barbie Dolls for Mattel to consider...

Gardnerian High Priestess Barbie

Comes complete with ritual robes, headdress, athame, and sterling silver chalice. This one is anatomically correct for skycladrituals. Altar and High Priest Ken doll sold separately.

Hecate the Dark Goddess Barbie

Her flashing eyes and raven wind-swept hair hold the secrets of the Universe. Comes with cauldron, crescent headdress, grimoire, and keys to the Dark Goddess Dream Hall of the Dead.

Brunnhilde the Valkyrie Barbie

With winged helmet, grey cloak, shield, and spear. Sings the hoy-a-ta-hoy when you press button in her back. Siegfried Ken doll sold separately.

Thelemic Barbie

Comes complete with black robes with red trim; red pentacle embroidered on back. Press button on her back and she greets you with Do what thou will shall be the Whole of the Law. Miniature Thoth tarot deck included.

Druidic Barbie

Clad in grey ritual robes and hood with Celtic knotwork design on back,miniature blackthorn staff, and herb pouch. Model of Stonehenge sold separately.

Ascension Movement Barbie

Dressed in a gossamer gown of iridescent Light, she comes in her own plastic Merkabah, carrying her quartz crystal which glows! Batteries not included.

Faerie Queen Barbie

Complete in green gossamer gown, glowing faeriewand, golden crown,and pointed ears. Sprites and pixies included.

Egyptian Priestess Barbie

Comes with Isis headdress and anhk. Gownmade in the tradition ofthe 1920's Art Deco Egyptian Look. Book of the Dead included. Thoth Kendoll sold separately.

Woad-Warrior Barbie

Comes with a traditional blade that REALLY CUTS, and a stick of woad just for YOU! Bandaids and epicac sold seperately.

-- Anonymous, courtesy of MOONLIGHT & MAGICK! e-zine
and contributors to Turok's Cabana

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