Negative Banishing Ritual
of the
Esoteric Erisian Order of the Python (EEOP)

This is the ancient ritual employed by Adepts and Sages of the Inner Order. It was decreed in the Elder Ages that this Ritual be maintained in strict secrecy until the prophesied Weird Times of the Last Decade of the Twentieth Century, lest the Power be abused for naught. Now is the time.

Know this: Knowledge of the Sacred Word of Power NGHKH! is entrusted to the few. Many may marvel at your adeptitude once you have achieved proficiency. The Sacred Word of Power is inconceivable and unpronounceable until your Initiation. Or you may figure it out and Initiate yourself. Who can tell? Who could know? So here goes.

Down to business. You asked for it, you got it. You got your basic Greater Banishing Ritual. You got your basic Lesser Banishing Ritual. Now you've done it. You've gone too far to turn back. You've descended down below zero; on beyond zed. Now you got your basic Negative Banishing Ritual. May Eris have mercy on your consciousness!?

This ritual is useful for releasing and banishing prickly annoyance, petty hostility, and ego-induced distracktions of all sorts. It is often effectivein regaining centering and the Inner Silence to which one aspires, only to find it intruded upon and cuffed up by ones' dutiful response to the assholes and tishheads which have overrun our Goddess' good blue-green planet. It is especially useful in temporarily banishing ssahole-like and tishhead-ish energy which you may occasionally detect within the inner recesses of your own consciousness. If you like the effect which this ritual produces, a promising career in Magick may await you! (Or not, as th case may be.

This ritual is NOT effective in enhancing the social poise of others living in this culture's modern aneristic (non-chaotic) ambience. Quite the contrary: its use in a crowded place may be extremely effective in creating Erisian Sacred Space in your vicinity when bunless hot dogs are nowhere to be found.

To work this Working: Make the Banishing Sign of the Python (a tuathal motion of the extended left hand, with a snappy flip of the wrist) in the precise direction of an appropriate quarter. As you so do, intone, "An it harm none..." Simultaneously project your tishy energy down your arm and off from your fingertips into the chosen quarter while intoning the Word of Power from within the core of your being. Do all three actions simultaneously.

The quarter into which you choose to project the energy makes an elemental difference. You can throw the irritant into the South (Fire/destruction); you can sink it in the West (Water/chaos; see POEE Manual); you can ground it into the North (Earth/burial/sleep); or (VERY special!) you can address it to the East (Air/Spirit) [let go and let Goddess]. Choose your quarter with care. A consecrated Egyptian ritual lodestone or an ordinary Scouting compass is helpful at first.

You may practice this working at your leisure in perfect safety, since no harm can arise from the vocalization and physical motion in absence of the energy. The "An it Harm None" Clause provides an additional "safety catch" against any inadvertant ill effect. (The "Santa" Clause, which lovingly returns unwelcome and unworthy gifts to the giver, is another matter altogether.)

This magick is only for use in furthering the One Commandment of the Great Law: Love as thou wilt, an harm ye none. Ever mind the Rule of Three. What goes around, comes around; what comes around, has been around. Know what thou doest; do what thou knowest. There are no misrepresentations and only a few hidden jokes embodied within the above procedure. Welcome to kindergarten! Be ever blessed.

Now you know.

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