How To Make A Magic Wand

Step 1. Go to the local park. Find a tree branch of suitable size -- usually a little longer than the length of your elobw to tip of middle finger. You'll want it a tiny bit long so you can sand or saw rough edges. Of course, if this is neo-Wiccan tradition, so feel free to go with the biggest stick you can fit in the truck if you like, or a twig if you prefer Fae ways. This can be anything wooden. Just be sure to tell all your Pagan friends it's willow or ash.

Step 2. Take your wood home, saw off rough edges, other twigs and things growing from it. Sand smooth. (I recommend sand paper, but real sand is ok if you're adventurous. And it's Quartz!) Treat with lemon oil, olive oil, Vaseline&trade, whatever. Just so long as it's waterproofed against sweaty palms.

Step 3. Go to your local rock shop or where ever you buy stones in your area, and buy a raw Quartz tip. No it doens't matter why, and you don't need to know what Quartz does, just follow the instructions. After all, you're not here to learn anything, just to look like a Pagan/Wiccan/Shaman whatever. All hail Quartz!

Step 4. Find or borrow one of the Order of the Mystical Glue Gun. Hail the Mystical member of the Glue Gun clan With deep respect and awe, attach the quartz to any point on the wand where it will stick.

Step 5.Wrap thread, leather thongs, wire whatever strikes your fancy all over the wand, completely obscuring the glue.

Voila! You have a non-authentic, almost free, piece of junk that actually might surprise you if you charge it right.

-- Kacie Cunningham

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