Gilligan's Rite

Just sit right down and you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful rite
That started in a temple room
On a dark, suburban night.

The priest was man with a way with words,
The priestess loved the runes.
Five coveners joined them that night
To celebrate the moon.

The priest he called Cernunnos and
The priestess, she called Bast.
The coveners got nervous when
The pair arrived at last.

"A hunter I am, brave and sure,"
Cernunnos said with pride.
"Oh, hiss!" spat Bast, "If you saw me
In the wildwood, you would hide!"

"Oh, Egypt's joy you are, I note
Cernunnos said with glee.
"A cat who cares for nothing but
Her napping spot and tea."

Bast she did prepare to pounce,
Cernunnos drew his bow.
The coveners withdrew to the west
To hide from the coming blows.

The priest he spoke up hastily,
Said "Let's bring this to an end!"
The priestess said with equal speed,
"Merry part and meet again!"

The circle did dissolve in mist
And the coveners drew breaths.
They'd been sure this was the last -
That this rite would be their deaths.

"That's what we get for mixing up
The pantheons this way."
The priest he shrugged and then he said,
"We'll all recall today."

The priestess rolled her eyes and said,
"Don't be a pompous ass!
It's just what happens when a hunter meets
A predator in the grass."

The coveners went home that night
To ponder the mystery
Of what had caused the spectacle
Of battling deity.

Was it wrong to call a British god
With an ancient Egyptian cat?
Or was it just the gods' own way
Of having some fun with that?

In the years that passed no answers come
Though they try all that they may,
They just remember the final words
Of both the gods that day.

"Just sit back and enjoy the show,
And smile whene'er you might.
We are the gods of earth and sky.......
Here in Gilligan's Rite!"

by Gypsy

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