The Duty God
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

It is a little known fact that the Gods and Goddesses keep office hours, and that they take turns on nights and weekends serving as the Staff Duty Deity of the Day. This is not normally a problem, as the SDDOD is deputized to act for any of the other Deities.  It is just that their methods differ somewhat...

"Oh, Bluoduedd, Lady of Flowers, save my roses from these pesky plant-lice.  Oh, and please do it in an ecologically-sound manner," intones the Lady Bambi Floatingfeather, High Priestess of the Golden Moonbeam Unicorn Coven in the Twinkiewicca Tradition.

The prayer is picked up by Prayer Central, and duly routed to the desk of the Staff Duty Deity of the Day.  Today it just so happens to be Jupiter.  He consults the Karmic Balance Sheet, discovers that Lady Bambi Floatingfeather is for once not overdrawn, and determines that he is supposed to Do Something About Those Pesky Plant-Lice.  Jupiter being Jupiter, he dispatches a thunderbolt, and calls Prayer Central for the next action message.

Bambi meanwhile is trying to figure out Just What She Has Done To Deserve This...  Another day of the System at Work.

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