Druid Member Evaluation

Some of you might be interested in learning how ADF evaluates Groves and their members.
The following document, stolen from the Fifth Vice Deputy ArchDruid should prove to be enlightening.

ADF term Meaning
Exceptionally well qualified No major blunders to date
Active socially Drinks alot
Has socially active significant other S/He drinks too
Quick thinking Offers plausible excuses
Indifferent to instruction Knows more than the Dueffus
Resourceful Adept at hiding mistakes
Approaches different problems with zest Finds others to do the job
Expresses him/herself well Speaks English
Active recruiter for Grove Buys drinks for people
Excellent ritual leader Equal number of summonings and banishings
Good chant facilitator Has a loud voice
Remains at rituals as long as possible Has miserable home life
Keen sense of humor Knows lots of dirty jokes
Experienced with many different groups Gets kicked out of Groves often
Alert Hard to pin down on anything
A fine Druid of great value to ADF Usually can be talked into opening gates and leading rituals
Even tempered Usually in bad mood
Highly reliable Usually shows up for ritual
Excellent record Have yet to prove anything against them
Thrifty Saves used but good candles

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