Cowans Roasting On An Open Fire

Words by Hilda Marshall
Tune: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
Music by Mel Torme

Cowans roasting on an open fire
Cocaine drifting up your nose
Skyclad Witches leaping higher and higher
And priests dressed up like buffaloes

Everybody knows a silly little prank or two
Helps to make the season bright
Teenage thugs watching on from the woods
Will find it hard to sleep tonight...

They know the Horned One's on His way
And they've heard rumors that He's real, and may be gay
And every party-pooper's gonna cry
When they find out how the Witches learn to fly!

And so I'm offering this water pipe
And how about an ice-cold brew?
Ascetics and deadbeats were never my type...
Happy Yuletide to you!

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