Closing Hymn (The Goat Song)

a/k/a The Old Menhir Ring

Tune: The Old Rugged Cross

On a hill far away
Stands a stone menhir ring
The emblem of druidic pride
And we love that stone ring
And the circle within
Like the goddess as hag, mom and bride.

Chorus: So we'll dance round the stone menhir ring
'Til the flames of the fire have died down.
We'll emote, slit a goat's throat, and sing,
Then get dressed and drive back into town.

On a hill nearby stands
A looped ansate cross
Of the sort some folks call an ankh,
Keeping evil at bay
Like the shield of the law
For which we have Gardner to thank.


In the valley below
Shine the flashing blue lights
On the car of the local police.
But the law's on our side,
And we soon will be free
Well, at least by next Midsummer's Eve.


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