A Cat In Heaven

One day, a cat died of natural causes and went to Shinning Isle, where she met the Goddess, Mother of all things.

The Lady said to the cat, "Daughter of Bast, if there is any way I can make your stay in Summerlands more pleasant, please let me know."

The cat thought for a moment and said, "Gracious Lady, I have had good life, the humans I lived with were loving to me, but they were a poor family, and I had to sleep on a hard wooden floor."

The Queen of the Shinning Isle smiled, and a soft, fully pillow appeared in snuggly catbox.

A few days later, six mice were killed in a tragic farming accident, and all of them went to the afterlife. Again, the Gracious Goddess who gives joy was there to greet the little mice. She asked them if there was any thing they wished. The mice answered all at once, squeeking, Skates! Skates! We want rollerskates! We've been chased and terrorized by dogs, owls, women with brooms, cats, farm equipment! Running, running, running; we're tired of running. We want skates!"

Somewhat amused, the Goddess answered, "If you wish." Each mouse was fitted instantly with beautiful new roller skates.

About a week later, it pleased the Goddess to walk among the trees of the orchard on the Shinning Isle. She passed by the snuggly cat box and found the tabby snoozing on the pillow.

The Lady gently wakes the cat and asks her, "How are things since you got here?"

The cat stretched and yawned, then replied, "It is wonderful here." Purring happily, she continued, "Better than I could have ever expected. And those 'Meals On Wheels' you've been sending by are the best!"

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