Astrology at Pooh Corner

Winnie the Pooh is a Cancer. He worries a lot, saying "Oh, bother!", and is very reassuring/mothering to Piglet. Pooh spends most of his time contemplating food, owing to his very soft, moon-like shape.

Eeyore is Piscean. He is a Piscean blue color, and he tends to be quite paranoid. He enjoys the solitude of his house, and though he sees no need for lots of friends, he has a very sensitive, perceptive spirit. It is common to find Eeyore out on a ridge overlooking the 100 acre wood, contemplating life's mysteries in true Piscean fashion.

Piglet is Virgo. He is terribly worrisome, and nervous. He is overly helpful, and very precise and neat in his service. His pinkness is indicative of the new, virginal, feminine qualities he embodies, and his quiet, carefully measured voice marks him as a clear Virgo.

Owl is a Sagittarian. He an intellectual, and prefers the company of a book to that of his friends. He is considered a great person to turn to for advice and to listen to problems. Owl also has no trouble speaking his mind - he is blunt to a fault - and has a sense of humor that is considered odd among his friends. He also is endowed with a great Sagittarian love of storytelling, and can wax poetic for hours about his genealogy.

Rabbit is the Taurus. he is very conservative, and feels his best when he is putting his claws into the earth is his garden, and getting his fingers dirty. He hates wildness and disorder as a general rule (such as his dislike for Tigger), and will stubbornly try to change those traits which he dislikes in others to suit his taste. Rabbit also appreciates fine things, such as art, furniture, and his well-kept house, all Venus-ruled Taurian traits.

Kanga is also a Cancerian. She's the archetypical mother of the show, tending to Roo, and baking, cooking, hanging out laundry, housecleaning, etc.

Roo is a Gemini. He represents the eternal child, and has two distinct personalities. On one hand, he is very cautious and gentile, especially around his mother, and Piglet. But when coupled with his best friend Tigger, he becomes loud, anxious, and adventurous.

Kessie (a new character) is an Aquarian. She is a light blue bird with a lovely voice. (flight, the color aqua, and heavenly song are all aquarian traits), and alternates between being very sociable, and terribly withdrawn. She is also usually the first among the group to have new ideas, and try new things.

Christopher Robin is a Gemini as well. He is another perpetual child, and his Gemini tongue is very critical of others, such as when he says of Pooh, "silly ole bear". It is also his colorful Gemini imagination that brings his toys and that 100 acre wood to life.

Tigger is clearly a fire sign, though which one is not clear. He could well be a leo, as he is extremely bossy, and has a terribly self-centered way of looking at the world. "I'm the only one!" he says in the song. The fact that Tigger is a big flame-colored cat also supports the argument for his Leo nature. Tigger could be a Sagittarian, as he is quite clumsy, and he does have the archer's trait of being in love with his own voice. However, he does not have the intellectual drive of a Sagittarian. Tigger is most likely an Aries. He has a very short temper. Tigger can get mad, but like a typical Aries, he never stays mad for very long. Ariens like Tigger are generally good-humored, and smiley folks. Ariens also tend to go where angels fear to tread. Tigger's "bouncy, rubbery, fun-fun-fun" sense of adventure is very Ariean.

-- by Natalie Lincoln

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