Amazing Magic Trick

Pick one card from the six above and memorize it.

Don't put your mouse anywhere near it or the trick may not work.

Once you have chosen a card, click HERE to continue to the next step of this amazing trick.

I have flipped the cards face down.

Think of the card that you have chosen.
Concentrate on it and picture it in your head.

(This is the most important part of this trick.)

Now move your mouse pointer over the cards.
Move it around in a counter-clockwise circle 5 times.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5...

Now click HERE to continue and be amazed.

I have read your mind and removed your card!

Don't believe me?

Click HERE and I'll prove it.


The card you have chosen has magically disappeared!

Amazed? Click HERE to try it again!

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