Walk Right In

a parody by Ernie Marrs

Walk right in and sit right down
On the seat that's got a hole.
Walk right in and sit right down;
Fill up that toilet bowl.
Everybody knows for a natural fact
That it's not nothin' but a natural act.
So walk right in and sit right down,
But leave some paper on the roll, 'cause I'm a-coming'.
Leave some paper on the roll.

I've gotta go, in case you didn't know.
Lord, I've got the paybooth blues.
You wonder why? Well, maybe so I
Should give you a couple of clues:
Some cost a nickel, some cost a dime,
They're out of paper most all of the time.
So if you gotta go while you're down at the station,
Take along the daily news, 'cause what's it fit for?
Take along the daily news.

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