They're Moving Father's Grave to Build a Sewer

They're moving father's grave to build a sewer.
They're shifting it regardless of expense.
They're moving his remains
To put in 9-inch drains
To irrigate some posh bloke's residence.

Now what's the use in having a religion,
For when you die your troubles never quit?
If some rich city twit
Wants a pipeline for his shit,
They won't let my dear father rest in peace.

My father in his life was ne're a quitter.
I'm sure he will not be a quitter now.
He'll put on a white sheet,
And haunt that privy seat,
And only let them go when he'll allow.

Oh won't there be some bleeding constipation;
And won't them shit-bound bastards rant and rave!
They got what they deserve:
They had the bloody nerve
To bugger-up a British workman's grave!

This version is ruder than the recorded one,
but it's the one I learned way back when.

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