Johnny Be Fair

Buffy Sainte-Marie 

Oh Johnny be fair and Johnny be fine he wants me for to wed.
And I would marry Johnny but my father up and said.
"I'm sad to tell you daughter what your mother never knew.
That Johnny to is a son of mine and so he's kin to you."

Oh Billy be fair and Billy be fine. . .

Oh Jimmy be fair and Jimmy be fine. . .

Well you never seen a girl so sad and sorry as I was.
The boys in town are all my kin and my father is the cause.
If life should thus continue I shall die a single miss
so I go to my mother and complain to her of this.

Oh daughter didn't I teach you to forgive and to forget.
Your father might have sowed his oats but still you needn't fret.
Your father may be father to all the boys in town but still....
He's not the one who sired you so marry who you will.

Performance note: Any names will do, especially if
there are audience members you want to pick on.

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