I Care Not For These Ladies

by Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

I care not for these ladies
That must be woo'd and pray'd
Give me sweet Amaryllis
The wanton country maid,
Nature Art disdaineth,
Her beauty is her own.

Chorus (2x):
And when we court and kiss
She cries 'Forsooth, let go!'
But when we come where comfort is
She never will say no.

If I love Amaryllis
She brings me fruit and flowers
But if we love these ladies
We must bring golden showers
Give them gold that sell love
Give me the nut-brown lass.

Chorus (2x)

These ladies must have pillows
And beds by strangers wrought
Give me a bow'r of willows
Of moss and leaves unbought,
And fresh Amaryllis
On milk and honey fed.

Chorus (2x)

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