Bend Over Greek Sailor

Oh, I'm a Greek sailor, I sail o'er the world,
I go many a month without seeing a girl.
It don't bother me, so don't give me no lip,
For I am good "friends" with the men on my ship.

Bend over Greek sailor, bend over for me,
I need satisfaction so get on your knees,
Bend over Greek sailor, bend over for me,
For I get so lonely when I go to sea.

We have a bos'n and his name is Bork;
When he's in the water, he bobs like a cork.
He is our example of the "perfect" Norse,
'Cause from the waist down he looks just like a horse.


Our cox'n is Tommy, he's mad as a loon;
He keeps in time but he sings out of tune.
And when he is off-watch, we won't get no sleep,
'Cause raving mad Thomas has got all our sheep.


We have a sailor, and his name is Hrolf;
While we're playing Viking, he plays with himself.
He still picks up girls in the town, sad but true,
But it's been so long, he's forgot what to do.


The bos'n and yeoman are good, it is true;
They bugger each other and each of the crew.
The captain has talent which can't be surpassed,
For when the wind blows, we use him as the mast.


There's this sailor we knew and his name was Big Bruce
I met him one night in a bar in Taloose.
I love my Brucie I think he's real keen,
And when I'm not with him, I'm with a Marine!


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