The BD/SM Song

By Llewtrah
Tune: Supercallifragilisticxpialidosious


Sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me,
BDSM is the thing, I like to do it nightly,
Use the handcuffs, blindfold me, please rope and tie me tightly,
Sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye

Lovely Jane is into pain, she has a sister Doris,
Doris is a piercing fan with studs in her clit-oris,
My Prince Albert meshed with it, the medics had to saw it,
Sticks and stones will break my bones but pers'nally I'm for it!.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye


They roped me to the bedpost once and tied the knots securely,
Doris gave the cane to Jane, they looked at me demurely,
They started fiddling with my studs and with my penile jewelry,
Whips and chains will lacerate and give me bruises lurid.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye


I went courting Doris once and took for her some flowers,
We went to bed, she gave me head and kept it up for hours,
Then she said "It's your turn dear, I'd like some golden showers!"
Jane said "Shit tastes like Camembert, now eat it up you coward."
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye


Jane is made of skin and bone, looks like Callista Flockhart,
But every time she swings her whip she makes my manhood rock hard,
She's got more electric prods then abattoirs or stockyards,
I ask her not to bite too hard in case she leaves my cock scarred.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye


All sorts of torture things have they, devices antiquated,
They left me tied up on the rack and then they masturbated,
I had to watch them have their fun until they both were sated,
Unable to join in with them it left me so quite frustrated.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye


They didn't free me for some time, I had pent-up frustration,
My manhood started throbbing then, just in anticipation,
They said "We do it all ourselves, female emancipation."
Till finally they cut my ropes, demanding copulation,
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye


KJaraoke Torture

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